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Howard Beach Guest Book
andrew cohenandrew.cohen1010@gmail.com11/8/2014
We lived at 149-16 153rd ave in garden apts from 1958- 1966. I had a brother Jordan, went to ps 63 until ps232 opened. We moved to Oceanside in 66, Anyone remember me ?
Joey LanzettaJABL@AOL.COM9/28/2014
Does anyone have a picture of the PT Boat that was docked in the 1960's in Shell Bank Basin. We use to dive off that boat.
Randy Steelemrsteele57@hotmail.com12/23/2013

2013-2014 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ... especially to those that remember this town.

Oh yes, I remember it well. My name is Randy Steele and I lived on 159-25 100th Street.

FROM AGE 8 TO 14: I was a frozen paperboy for the LIP, and a reluctant altar boy for OLG.
That OLG School with all those priests and all those Nuns … You better learn, or know how to run!
Sisters Josephine and Paula kept us in line … while Fathers Hardy & Smith drank most of the wine.
We bought lunch and stayed warm in the "little school’s gym" … then watched Laurel & Hardy each Wednesday PM.
Fifty cents at "The Howard," gave us Superman serials and Mighty-Mouse cartoons ... then "King Cong" and "The Thing," on Saturday afternoons.
At Heller’s, we’d order 7-cent egg creams and 5-cent gums ... when we still had the Dodgers as our own Brooklyn Bums.
After breaking the pole of "Veto the Barber," ... we all learned Italian while chased to the harbor.
We jumped roof-to-roof on bungalows built ... along Railroad Av. high up on stilts.
Their was Mel’s penny candy, and Stal's donuts dandy ... Frank's new barber chair and Benny’s old shoe repair.
Allen’s 5-cent "Daily News" and Levine’s heroes and chews ... Sal’s cold butcher block and Nick’s warm Pizza shop.
We had just one phone, it stood tall on the wall ... It was just one phone and one phone for all!
A dentist named Warmand, a doctor named Elkins ... small town men, but neither were bumpkins.
We had a bus called "Eleven," a "Third Rail" that was scary ... a forest named "Cherry" and a farm we called "Mary’s."
We ignored what we heard and the signs that all tooted … "Stay out of the bay, the water’s polluted!"
A boat called "PT" and two bridges of wood ... these were our toys, this was our hood.
We swam off 95th and went crabbing at 101st. We dove off "Casino" bridges and got stuck in the mud at 102nd ; ice skated at 157th; climbed the school fence at 98th; played baseball at 165th and then on 159th ... we "admired" Brenda East & Marilyn Frick walking by Heller’s.
Every block of this town holds memories galore … every friend, every family, every house, every store.
At 146, I played stickball handball and rode my bike … then climbed the fence after dark for my first Lucky Strike.
Roping and riding a long ladder or sled … we hooked onto a bus with lights flashing and red.
We started with ten and ended with three … as we sideswiped parked cars and bounced off a tree.
We rode through the town on that rickety old sled … McCabe screamed to Malone "If you let go we're all dead!"

FROM AGE 14 TO 17: Admiring Brenda East & Marilyn Frick walking anywhere! Playing poker behind Nicks Pizzeria, and in Hilgendorf’s basement.
To the sand bars and clam bars and Rockaways we went, by hitching rides at Cross Bay or climbing the subway’s tall fence.
Most of the time we never had ‘mon, but most of the time we had plenty of fun.
Their was OLG Confraternity with "Oh Donna" & "Sea Cruse," then to "Splish Splash" "Tequila" & "Topsy Part II."
Yes, a 12-cent token was too much back then, and here I go now to try rhyming again.
To New Park, Big BowWow, and Anchors Away, then to Carvel or the Go-Carts, could take up the day.
From the Archery, Batting Range and OLG Bazaars, to Cousin Brucy and cruising in convertible cars.
Everyone knows Howard Beach, both the new and the old … had the best-looking girls, so we were told!
To the Casino and Rockaways when we were thin ... and yes it is true, Ozone Park, still wants back in!
We cried and we laughed, living free like a sparrow … ‘cause those were the days when life was less narrow.
Sure time moves on and nothing stays the same. But Howard Beach is MY trip down memories lane.

MANY THANKS to all the wonderful and warm Howard Beach families, OLG nuns, people, and shop owners that made growing up in this town one of life’s best memories. Special hellos to: Ray & Arlene Dotzler, Joe Matier, Arlene Kurz, Dan, Larry & Eileen Moore, Tim & Lambie McGrath, Rob Vereline, Jim McCabe, Genevieve Ferugio, Pat Lynch, George & Richie Savino, Jack & Kathy Dizago, Ed & Girty Hilgendorf, Rose Siracusano, Sandy Brzezinski, Jim & Maureen Hussey, Joan Bruno, Maureen Burk, Mary Craig, Terry Knoetgen, Peg Korner, Mulner, Stauder, Scheuerman, Weeks, Dooling, Sullivan, O’Sullivan, Boyland, Chapman, Bullock and of course … Brenda East & Marilyn Frick. If anyone remembers, please let me know it.
Tracy Adler-Rosarioclanrosario@netzero.net10/30/2013
I lived in HB 1970 until mid 80's. Went to PS 146, 202 and John Adams. Any of my old peeps out there?
Barbara Swisher Habebarbara1957@live.com8/30/2013
Hi I used to live here from 1957(born) to 1998 when I moved to Florida. Wish I can move back home.
We moved to HB in 1955 - 161-45 96 St, I graduated from OLG in 1957 & lived there until 1972, my parents moved away in 1978. I will be visiting NYC in October and definitely plan on getting out to HB and hopefully seeing some of the people I remember, e.g. Peggy & Ray Flynn who lived next door to us, any one who remembers the DiNardo's drop me a line.
Hello everyone . I lived on broadway in Howard beach . I grew up there in the 80's and 90's moved to upstate ny in 2001 . I went to OLG in the 80's and the to ps146 and 202 miss all my old friends .great place to live
George Cornellgeocornell@cfl.rr.com4/11/2013
Here i am again folks for my yearly visit. Still don't see any of my friends from years ago. Lived in South Aquaduct over by Lefferts blvd. before the Airport was there. Went to PS 146for 8 years and graduated in 1949. Went to John Adams and graduated in 1953. Went into the Air Force for 4 years. Got married at Our Lady of the Sky's church at Idlewild and lived at 95-02 160th. Ave. right on the corner. Now retired and living in Port Canaveral, Florida. Right on the Ocean and watch the Cruise Ships go in & out of the harbor. Just celebrated birthday #79 and don't know how many more times i can return to this site. But it is a Good Site and brings back many good memories. That Steel guy certinally puts a lot of info into his messages and mentions many names I remember.
Happy to find this. Married to the oldest LaCava (of 8) and lived in HB for a bit. Hello!!
Hi. I grew up in Queens and live out in Suffolk County right now. Within four years we are moving to Rockaway Beach because I work in Kennedy Airport. I have always loved the area.
My name is Fran and I remember my dad taking me to the beach and to Vincents! When I move back it will be like coming home again.

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