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New Post
4/18/2001 2:46 AM
ok best place no longer in existance.... Big Bow Wow!! best place still around...La Villa. GREAT food. worst? the stupid 99cent store. i hate that place. ever since it opened ican't park within twelve blocks of it. yeeesh. in fact, i'm going to post that as a discussion.
New Post
7/16/2001 2:13 PM
La Villa is ok. My preference is Lenny's on the blvd. The worst stores are definetely that annoying bodega that has scarred Lindenwood along with that Laundromat on 82st, and 151 ave. This area at one time was just as attractive as Rockwood Park. Now it looks as though it is an extention of Linden Blvd. I can't help but to wonder why these type of stores with their owners never chose to start their businesses on 159-164 aves between 84th st and 92 st. This is truly upsetting and quite unattractive.
New Post
3/4/2010 5:03 PM


Best is Old Time Vincents near the Fire House.

HomeHomeCross BayCross BayCross Bay Store...Cross Bay Store...best and worstbest and worst

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