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New Post
2/1/2000 9:50 PM
Ok folks lets vote for the best and worst store/business on Cross Bay Blvd. Two categories: 1)past business...no longer here and 2) present day business. I'll reserve my vote for now.
New Post
2/5/2000 4:24 PM
Gino's is the BEST !!!Tugs is mediocre,and I think the worst is......well....none really...theyr'e all pretty decent.
New Post
2/5/2000 11:23 PM
Whenever I get to New York, my first stop is Lenny's on Crossbay.....delicious!!! Best a long time ago both for good pizza and good fun ....New Park Pizza!!!
New Post
2/6/2000 8:45 PM
On the subject of Pizza.....its always hard to decide. Gino's used to be my favorite, but New Park Pizza is the one I'll get when I visit the old neighborhood to see my parents.
New Post
7/8/2000 1:35 AM
We always had New Park Pizza that was the place. Then it became Gino's until the present owner took over - he just isn't a happy camper and I never feel comfortable going into that place anymore. Then we discovered Ozone Pizza on Liberty Avenue - The best sicillian Marinara that I've ever had!
New Post
4/30/2010 2:38 PM

for pizza, Ozone on Liberty is top shelf, a close 2nd is Romeo's on Cross Bay....the worst store in Lindenwood is that disgusting, vile, filthy little bodega behind the Lindenwood Shopping Center.....Christ, can't they close that dump down?

HomeHomeCross BayCross BayCross Bay Store...Cross Bay Store...Best and the worst!Best and the worst!

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