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New Post
1/16/2001 10:39 PM

Poll Results (333 votes)
On The Bay Diner  (33.3 %) 111 votes
Waterview Diner  (66.7 %) 222 votes

New Post
7/13/2001 2:29 PM
I've been to both diners numerous times...(those "i want coffee" or "there's nothing to do, let's get something to eat" nights!) and well basically the food is pretty much the same in both places (you never really know if it's fresh or not or where it's been before your plate) the "water" boys are all the same (none of them are american and if you're a girl they flirt with you) Waterview is more of the during the day diner and On the Bay is where you meet everyone you probably don't want to see at 2am or later on your way home from the bars/clubs/or whatever you probably shouldn't have been doing during the night. I particularly can't stand the waitress (short, older lady) that gets right into your booth with you to take your order and then throws it at you in Waterview Diner. There is also a great waitress at On the Bay (younger with a long ponytail) she's real good with your orders and fun to joke around with.
New Post
5/23/2003 1:49 AM
yea they both suck....waterview use to be good but they have gotten dirty, one thing i cant stand.twice i found some short of string in my potato salad.
New Post
12/21/2004 1:45 PM
One word... pesticide.
New Post
6/13/2006 7:08 PM
Didn't see the diner posts before, lol, they don't sound very good.
HomeHomeCross BayCross BayCross Bay PollsCross Bay PollsFavorite Diner/RestaurantFavorite Diner/Restaurant

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