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New Post
1/16/2001 10:36 PM

Poll Results (371 votes)
Brother's Italian Deli  (46.1 %) 171 votes
Boulevard Deli  (4.9 %) 18 votes
Glendale On The Bay  (0.5 %) 2 votes
Rag Time Deli  (48.5 %) 180 votes

New Post
4/4/2001 4:55 AM
What about Sal's??? That place has been around for years! Best deli meats ever!
New Post
4/21/2001 12:15 AM
Hi, I'm casinobabe I just want to say that there used to be a kosher deli named Wolfman's near Rockwood Hairstylists, and it was the best.
New Post
3/18/2002 12:32 AM
Can't believe you dind't include Sal's. The meat there was always the best.
New Post
3/11/2003 1:26 PM
I agree with casinobabe, Wolfman's was the best deli. Their fresh chicken cooked on their rotiserrie (?) was the best.
New Post
5/23/2003 1:41 AM
ill sorry but i found a bug in sals meat one time ragtime and brothers are the cleanest
Originally posted by MzSassyKitty: What about Sal's??? That place has been around for years! Best deli meats ever!
New Post
7/23/2003 8:39 PM
Im with Sal's, bug or no bug it is much better than the others
New Post
11/4/2003 3:39 AM
sals by far is the best ragtime or brothers are good but sals is better as for finding a bug ther are bugs everywhere you just didnt get the lucky pice of meat from ragtime yet
New Post
11/22/2003 9:17 PM
You know i gotta ask, but mr webmaster how do you not include the deli in Howard Beach on your howard beach website Edited by - Evildriver-3 on November 25 2003 12:49:34 PM
New Post
7/18/2004 11:54 AM
Anybody remember Happy's?
New Post
11/6/2004 5:46 PM
Happys had best deep fried knishes! But Cliffs in OLD HB had best potato salad Edited by - kathi albanese on November 06 2004 4:47:23 PM
New Post
3/23/2005 7:46 PM
Was not aware of Cliff's boatyard's potato salad. The potato salad at the German deli in old Howard Beach was definitely the best. Think it was Schludder's. Mrs. Cliff was the best though, I do remember her. Wasn't her last name Hoffman? The sweetest lady!
New Post
3/23/2005 7:49 PM
Where is the best place to go at this time for a good pastrami sandwich on club with a kosher pickle and maybe a knish on the side? Does anyone cut their knishes in half and put mustard and sauerkraut inside? Try it!
New Post
4/15/2005 1:36 PM
Shirley's used to be a great place to get a pastrami on rye! Been gone for years, though...
New Post
7/13/2005 2:16 AM
Wolfhead's deli was sooo good, the franks and kanishes where to die for, also does anyone remember that the Bow Wow used to make really stacked hand cut sandwiches on holly like rolls that where great.
New Post
7/25/2005 11:40 AM
Sal's has the friendliest people working there
New Post
12/8/2005 1:20 PM
The only way to eat pastrami is on club, not rye and with a new dill pickle. I live in FL now and they always serve pastrami on rye. They have no idea of what club is! Does anyone know where in Howard Beach one can get an equivalent of Pizza City's Sicilian pizza, these days?
New Post
12/8/2005 2:36 PM
Last time I was in HB was August, 2001 and we went to a place on Crossbay around 164 Ave that wasn't bad. BTW, one of the History channels had a show about pizza a couple of weeks ago, not surprisingly a lot of the places they highlighted were in NYC and, again not surprisingly, every one claimed to have the "only" authentic New York pizza.
New Post
8/10/2006 12:35 PM
When you talk about Sal's, do you mean the butcher in town on the old side?
New Post
8/11/2006 10:53 AM
Favorite deli Sal's is around the corner from the HB train station
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