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New Post
6/22/1999 12:26 AM
Hello,I am one of the many the many teens that populate this town and as I love it I also have to say some things I find nad about it. Where are the teen hang outs. Q-Zar is gone. I mean some of you adults give your comments about teens hanging out on street corners. Well maybe thats because there is no plavce for us to go. And what this whole thing or Old Howard and New Howard can someone tell me because I would love to know. It seem to me and alot of others I know that for some reason any part of Howard Beach that continues after crossbay blvd is a whole other town. Sure its still Howard Beach but the way people talk its like were two places. and then you hear about New and Old HB teens fighting. I'd like to know where I've never seen em. There is also this whole thing in old howard because before you head into Hamilton on the Ramblers Vill Bridge there are there a place called "Board way" This in peoples eyes has been seen as the "poor" section of Howard Beach. Well excuse me I live there and I am not poor my family does very well for themselfs. It is some people that give boardway a bad name. This is way you must live in dirt and trash because the people of this town could careless about one little area. there weeds growing all over that we call to have the sanation take care of because its there job "But they never do it" and because of this they just set on fire from some jerk who does'nt live there so they could not give a damn. Howard Beach a great place to live everyone says. It is but it could care less about its roots. You Adults think its nice to keep our town knowing of its history. but you dont take care of it. We live in you dirt. Thats right your dirt because you dump trash into the water that ends up in the canal and we have to live with it. Out of towners use the boat ramp by me and dump there trash and gas and other wastes right into the water take off and pull away. Tell me when will things get back because its the little things that will make this town become like other towns around us. And I say this I am 14. You think I dont see whats going on I do. Anyone from Howard Beach reading this I urge you to write in and speak of what you would like to see happen or what you would like to see stop. Thank you
New Post
6/24/1999 10:50 PM
I read your comments dated June 21. You brought up afew good points but I think you are directing your anger at the wrong people. First, you ought to identify yourself properly. You didn't give your name, age, and whether you are male or female. Also, your spelling and grammar was horrendous in some places. you'd be surprised how much effect your comments can have when your message is grammaetically correct and all words spelled properly. I suppose you are right about outsiders coming into Howard Beach and dumping trash, littering, throwing garbage into the creek. But there are things you can do. You can write letters to the local newspapers (The Forum, Queens Tribune, Chronicle). You can contact Al Stabile's office and ask that signs be posted requiring visitors to clean up after themselves. You can record the license number of folks who dump and ask the police to fine them. I suppose that there are streets and bridges on the ""old"" side that need attention. But again, have the residents complained properly or do they just mumble among themselves? I can't believe that Stabile or Anthony Weiner would ignore them. I must be honest and say that a lot of teens make it hard for us adults to respect them. There's often a group outside of Gino's pizzeria that is great for ridiculing. There are some tough characters in the yard behind PS 232 that start fights. How about the pigs who defaced the mural under the 84 Street bridge? Finally, please don't think that Howard Beach is a bad area. I've lived in a number of other parts of Queens and this is one of the best. Look at nearby neighborhoods - what they are or are becoming. The streets here are pretty clean, the crime is low, the shopping is first-rate, and the cost of homes here are expensive for good reason. You mentioned some good points, just think you should realize that there are things you can do.
New Post
2/26/2000 6:04 PM
learn how to spell,and if you want to beautify your community,get rid of councilman stabile--he is one unsightly individual.
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