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New Post
6/3/2000 1:20 AM
Yes Howard Beach could use some work, But work where excalty? Well not where Howard Beach began? Your know the area known as Ramblers Vill(Broadway)is still here and its in really bad shape. People use the boat ramp who have no respect for our town and throw their trash and other things that do not belong in the canal in the canal! People use the street as a race way both day and night now, Weather it be a car 4 wheeler or motorbike there speed is out of control. Some people in our area do not wish to live the pigs who have soured the area and they keep there homes nice. My family is one of these homes, But there are others will keep Ramblers Vill HB forever known as it is sometimes known as "The Hole" People have said its a bad area and they refrain from calling it Howard Beach. The facto f the matter is 80% of our town is prefect! the other 20% has fallen to ruins! I'd like all who read this to speak there mind, Or fins ways to help because this can be not be ingored. The Hawtree creek canal runs through this area and it home to many forms of wildlife from mammals to fish and birds that have been said to be only found @ the Jamaica bay Wild Refguee. These are wet lands it is against the law to pollute then. Please help me (a local teen) in my quest to save these wet lands and the birth place of Howard Beach! Thank you!
New Post
6/20/2000 11:02 PM
i alos have a gripe about the beauty of hb. i notice that a lot of people walk their dogs on 151st ave, between 79th&80th sts (by what i believe is a con edison lot) and let their dogs poop without obeying the pooper-scooper laws. part of that street is along side of residences (& on 79th st). it's disgusting!!!! my mom-in-law lives across the street and on hot days when the wind blows just right, the stench is horrific. i also suffer the consequences when these people with any means to pick up their dog's mess are walking to this area: sometimes the dog can't make it, and they let them poop right in front of my house, sometimes on the sidewalk, and just leave it there!!! how can i get someone to do something about this?
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsBeautificationBeautificationWhere the improvements must be made!Where the improvements must be made!

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