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Howard Beach Forum
New Post
10/6/2006 10:30 PM
the pool, tennis court, the coffee shop in the shopping center, the variety store, the Buster Brown shoe store, Happy's Deli, the old pizzeria, the Lindenwood Village mini mall (behind the small bank), Bohack's, the bagel bin, Bennett's Pharmacy, Cavalier's, the Lindenwood Diner, and the Red Apple...
New Post
10/7/2006 11:39 AM
don't forget the Patio Deli near the Lindenwood diner
New Post
10/15/2006 11:44 AM
I can remember back to 1976 that the kosher deli was called Shirley's. I miss having a kosher deli here. Supposedly one is to open on CrossBay by Carvel, but when?
New Post
3/10/2008 11:36 AM

Patio became Shirley's in the late 80s, after the owners divorced (wife took over & ran the place with her son Danny). They closed around 1996 or so when the lease expired and the drugstore came in.

New Post
3/13/2008 12:10 PM

I remember Lindenwood very well.  At one point, my brother, Mitch  and my dad , Bill  (now deceased)  owned Happy's Deli in the shopping center.   If you remember the deli , you have to remember them. If so, email me.

New Post
4/23/2008 6:38 AM

I don't remember them specifically but I sure do remember the Deli.  Getting Black & White cookies on the way to PS232.  My mom went in there all the time.  I did know Danny Levy who owned it later on.

New Post
5/8/2008 11:14 PM

My brother and father used to own Happy's Deli in the Lindenwood shopping center.  My brother's name is Mitch and my dad (since deceased) was Bill. Email me for more info.

New Post
6/22/2008 2:58 PM

Happy's was the best.  Never another like it.  I remember being a little kid with my mom in there and her calling the name Mitch.

New Post
7/6/2008 3:08 PM

I remember going into Happy's when they still had sawdust on the floor and groceries like an old fashioned grocery store where you asked for the item, especially before the drug store burnt down. I used to go in there for a knish and hot dog a lot as a child. Can't say I recall any names though.

New Post
7/11/2008 3:12 PM

I used to buy a sour pickle from the barrel on the way home from delivering the LI Press. I lived in the coop's on 88th and 155th Ave, and my route was 79th St by 153rd.

They used to slice lox by hand.


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