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2/14/2014 4:20 AM
I would like to discuss with someone the parking conditions on Ocean parkway against fence on 78th ST. People take up too much space to park their car not considering the fact that we have limited space to park our cars..It makes it very difficult for those who work late hours and come home to nowhere to park their car. My question is how can we the community help to improve this problem. I have come to a simple solution to help and address this problem. I think that by just painting white lines to show the parking space it will create more parking for our vicinity however who do we contact to address this issue ? If we work together we can request this to improve our parking situation. I'm willing to take the proper steps into doing so however I need the community to stand behind me in this matter Thank you Blanca M
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsLindenwoodLindenwoodThe parking in LindenwoodThe parking in Lindenwood

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