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Howard Beach Forum
New Post
7/16/2001 5:21 AM
Anyone remember that bar or was it a diner in Lindenwood before it became a bagel shop in the late 80's. I think it's now Beach Bagels.
New Post
7/16/2001 4:43 PM
There was a coffee-shop type place in the Beach Bagel spot but its been gone since the mid-to-late 70s. Edited by - moliver on July 16 2001 3:43:59 PM
New Post
7/17/2001 3:47 PM
That corner store in the small shopping center on the corner of 79th st and the conduit was once the "Bagel Place". Unfortunately it shut down back in the mid 70's. It's really too bad because it had the greatest bagels in the entire area.
New Post
9/17/2003 11:38 AM
The bagel store on the corner or Linden and 79 was called the "Bagel Bin". I grew up on 80th street and the Bagel bin was a great place for a 10 cent nosh! Edited by - Howie M on September 17 2003 12:46:58 PM

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