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11/15/2001 2:10 PM
There has been a rampant surge in crime lately where people living in Lindenwood wake up to find that their cars are missing tires during the night. This is a huge problem and needs to be addressed by law enforcement. Since we are located near the Brooklyn border, it is easy for riff raff to come into our neighborhood and cause problems. Also we have kids playing in the park that also cause vandalism. My car's tires were slashed two years ago and nothing was done to control the kids in the park. Lindenwood is a nice neighborhood and we would like to keep it that way. N25EC
New Post
12/8/2001 11:21 AM
Crime in Lindenwood. At the November 106th precinct community council meeting the guest speaker was the Queens DA Richard Brown. The DA was there to inform the community that he was working with the police in the case of the tires and rims being removed from vehicles in lindenwood. Members of the 106th precinct have arrested the person who was doing this. A large problem is that neighbors who see the crime do not want bother getting involved. They just assume that someone else will call it in. in every case of rims being remover we asked all neighbors if they had seen or hear anything and nobody did. Lindenwood is a great community and people need to get involved in it. I attend local civic meeting every month and very few residents from Lindenwood attend. I would like to say that the Men In Blue Security works hand and hand with the precinct personnel and thanks to Debbie for helping out on 9/11. Please attend the 106th community council meeting 12/12/01 at 8:00 PM at the Precinct
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsLindenwoodLindenwoodCrime in LindenwoodCrime in Lindenwood

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