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New Post
7/28/2001 12:31 AM
For the past few years 79th Street between Linden Blvd. and 149th Avenue as well as 149th Avenue between 78th (Sapphire) Street and 79th Street have both remained one way out of Howard Beach giving western Lindenwood residents travelling back home from Brooklyn an unecessary longer trip. Additionally, Emergency Vehicles such as Fire Trucks must now travel down 79th Street against traffic to quickly access this side of the neighborhood which is an accident waiting to happen. About six months ago I was exiting Lindenwood at 79th Street/Linden Blvd. when a fire truck displayed with the emblem Lincoln/Linden on the front of it made a right turn on to 79th Street and almost hit my vehicle. I had to immediately back up my vehicle and move over to the right lane even though I had planned to make a left turn on to Linden Blvd. Many other Lindenwood residents have also expressed dismay about this discrimatory traffic dilemma although their are some members of Queens Community Board #10 who wish to keep these two streets one way. If you believe these streets should become two way you need speak out in the public forum at a Queens Community Board #10 meeting as well as have you and your neighbors write letters to NYCDOT sending copies of these letters to all local elected officials.
New Post
6/14/2002 9:26 AM
Thsi statement could not be more accurate , I currently am working in a capacity for the Queens Borough President and requesting any residnets to PLEASE file a request with her office on this matter . I tried to change this street through my office , but was overturned by CB 10 , please use the power of numbers and write ...a petition signed by various constituents would be extremely effective , THANKS
New Post
4/30/2010 1:32 PM

you are 100% correct, that's the stupidest, unnecessary one way I've ever seen

New Post
2/14/2014 4:28 AM
You are absolutely right in fact on there city map is stated as a 2 way however I don't know why they have a 1 way arrow I've asked myself that question for years.. call 311 and place your complaint and I will too  
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsLindenwoodLindenwood149th Avenue/ 79th Street  should be Two Way149th Avenue/ 79th Street should be Two Way

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