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8/3/2009 11:20 PM

My Dad was my hero, Richard Joseph Nocero formerly of 156-11 102nd street passed away on June 14 2009, he had been ill for sometime and passed with his family at his side. My dad lives threw his children and grandchildren now, we all hold great values and fond memories of him. I am deeply touched by my dads passing for I am on active duty in the US Navy and soon will be retiring with 25 plus years of service. When I left for bootcamp my dad said when will you come home, I said soon dad ! It is said from family members my dad set the table for me every night  for 10 years, waitting for me to come home. I wanted to share that special thought with everyone for I loved my dad with all my heart, I missed coming home to my dad by 14 months to retire. My long distance conversation with him before he passed will be cherished by me forever. I love you dad, thank you for raising me well and loving me the way you did.  Steven John Nocero 




HomeHomeResidentsResidentsIn MemoriamIn MemoriamRichard Joseph NoceroRichard Joseph Nocero

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