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10/31/2004 11:35 AM
Memories: Cold Winter months, hanging out in the HB train station. Pizza at Mikes. Hanging out in ANY storefront to escape the snow. I remember chasing Ralphs truck for sunflower seeds and being chased out the OLG school yard. Laughter? Does anybody remember laughter? Paula, we had some whacky times.
New Post
11/2/2004 12:06 AM
Not only hanging out in the HB train station but jumping the tracks (I would freak) Taking train rides to no-where in the bitter cold. Playing pinball, and the dot dot machine in Mikes. Listening to Helter Skelter and Dream On over and over again on the jukebox (Johnny's favorite songs) Watching our boyfriends backs while they marked up the walls with their graffiti LOL P7, ESCO, TOYBOY Yes, kathi we really did have some whacky times
New Post
11/6/2004 6:45 PM
You forgot ..Stoce....How about smelling the donuts being made from the donut shop in town. BTW... the juke box in Mikes was...P3 or P8 - " I shoulda known better with a girl like you" Remember Cliff's potato salad? YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
HomeHomeResidentsResidentsFormer Resident...Former Resident...OLD HB - TownOLD HB - Town

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