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1/8/2009 5:42 PM

Was born in Far Rockaway and moved to Howard Beach as an infant.  Grew up at 158th and 79th.  Went to PS 207 when the first integration began.  Used to walk to Cross Bay blvd and go to the candy store.  Miss New Park Pizza.  I had relatives that lived right next door to the hospital when it went though all it's changes. 

Used to play in the meadow but our parents scared the heck out of saying there were bad people there and they would attack us.

Was infatuated with my 3rd grade teacher (Mrs. Galdie?, a girl named Karen Maltz).  Used to bowl at Cross Bay lanes with my cub scout pack.

My friends were Lee Lee Mendleson, Robert Baylor, Amy Weinstein, Richard Brudnau.... of course it was 40 years ago....


Paul Mills







HomeHomeResidentsResidentsFormer Resident...Former Resident...1960-1969 Resident1960-1969 Resident

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