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New Post
12/18/2002 10:41 PM
Hello, looking for someone who remembers Russell Street, Mrs. Huss, the wonderful creek, etc. Anyone out there?
New Post
12/29/2002 10:26 PM
I lived on 99th street just one block up from the creek between howard and hamiltion. I went to OLG and Adams left the beach in 1955 and returned in 1957 to leave angain to get married. Spent many great years in the beach. Now live in florida. Val Stauder
New Post
1/21/2003 5:17 PM
sure do -lived here all my life-grew up on 100 street near olg-maiden name lesslie
New Post
2/16/2003 2:24 PM
I remember Russell St well. Whatever happened to Jane Schoepp, Bernice Stanley, etc. I graduated Adams in '72 and lived on 102nd st. Also Eileen Malloy, any of these names familiar? My father used to go to the Yacht Club at the end of Russell St. I visited last year after being gone for 25 years! It was fun to see all the old places. We used to go crabbing and catch killies in the creek. I just turned 49 and to think i was 5 when I moved to Howard Beach!!
New Post
3/6/2003 9:39 PM
In some ways, Russell St hasn't changed, but less open space. Does anyone remember watching the fireworks on Wed nights, sitting on the log at the end of the street by the Boat club. The fireworks were going off in the Rockaways, were tiny from Russell St, but still exciting. Remember the high tides, houses falling into the creek? The great fire on Rat Island every 4th of July?
New Post
3/7/2003 10:15 PM
hey arlene(lasvegas1) how are you? it's susan lesslie
New Post
11/23/2003 12:46 PM
Geez I remember the Doxeys..You had a sister Noonie, brother Danny & Matt..I lived up the end of the block.I also learned to swim at the " little pool "...Eileen Malloy...
New Post
11/26/2003 12:50 AM
Hi Eileen, We used to see each other all the time walking over the "hill" and in town. Went to school together too. Live out West now. Do you remember me? Arlene S
New Post
12/19/2003 11:14 PM
Hello Eileen - I used to babysit you when you were very little. My mom and Matt still live on Russell St, but it seems so crowded now. Two boat-clubs, lots of cars parked everywhere. Do you remember Mrs. Huss, Walter Schwartz, the Bresslers, "the Russell St. Gang"? Those remarkable high tides that left the homes looking like islands?
New Post
8/11/2009 2:12 PM


I lived on russell st across from rileys yauht club , my name is lizzy my sister was paula, do you remember the buckleys the lived in the house next to rileys that was my grandparents artie and dottie buckley, i see you knew matt doxsey me and matt were dating back then for 3 yrs everyone knew liz and matt lol.

If you remember me hit me up at lizardinjax@yahoo.com


Lizzy Llewellyn

HomeHomeResidentsResidentsFormer Resident...Former Resident...Russell StreetRussell Street

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