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New Post
10/22/2000 10:27 PM
Looking for classmates from the graduating class of 1980 from Franklin K. Lane. We are planning a reunion for next year. Please email your address and email address to me or Noreen Ryan at Noreenryanricker@aol.com.
New Post
10/28/2000 1:46 AM
I would've been a member of the class of '81, had my family not moved to NJ in July 1979 [:-(]. Talk about culture shock! I only spent my sophmore year at Lane (I did 9th grade at JHS 202 as part of the 3-year SP), but I remember being scorekeeper for the volleyball team (I bet I coulda made the team the next year, if we didn't move!), and playing an inning and a half for the softball team. I remember (please forgive me if I get names wrong): Mr. Pallone (Algebra-Trig) and his puppy dog eyes; Mr. Mayglothling (Amer.Lit.); Mr. Siracusa (Chemistry); Mrs. Blumberg (Spanish). Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Colleen Grady (Ozone Park) or Jeanne Robertson (Ridgewood)? I lived in HB (Lindenwood) from 1969 to 1979, but I still consider it home!
New Post
10/28/2000 1:03 PM
Hilary, Go to WWW.Classmates.com There are a lot of people from Lane and other schools in the area that your friends may be listed at. Stacey
HomeHomeResidentsResidentsReunionsReunionsF.K. Lane 1980 ReunionF.K. Lane 1980 Reunion

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