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2/9/2009 2:29 AM

James Petry             jpetry3@yahoo.com 2/9/2009          James Petry (Bookworm) has made an inquiry regarding to this page: I lived in Howard Beach from 69-73 as a foster child with my two younger brothers (John and Michael). I have very fond memories of attending PS 146 and playing little league in Kissina Park. I lived with the Marciano family at 158-01 99th street on the corner. Some friends that I had were Billy Caravella, Peter Farinella, Gary Cutler, Tommy Buonocontri. Robert Brody, Timmy Kissane, Matthew Doxey, Albert Lorenzo, Phillip Capporato, Robert Shroeder, Santo Sabatino, Johnny DeZago. Grace Hayes, Brian Mc Cabe , Joey Fontana (Fotsy), Karl Horning, Ferretti brothers, Richie Lautwaitus, Kevin Conmy. I loved playing stickball (fungo too) punchball and dodgeball. It was an innocent time of my childhood during some turbulent times of the late 60'sn 70's. I had to post this because you never know. I would have loved to have stayed in Howard Beach but destiny had us move on to other foster homes. It was like my heart was being ripped out. My teachers were Mrs Holden, Mrs Freitas, Mrs Bernstein/Bud, Mr. Gellert, Mrs. Brayton. I was to attend Mr Cohen class in 6th grade but had to move with the foster care system. Mr. Hutner was principal and Mr Zimmerman was Assitant Principal. Not to forget Mr. Quinn. Howard Beach holds for me for some of the best times of my childhood. I still miss White Castle hamburgers, Wetsons, TSS, being addicted to the 69 Mets and playing with baseball cards. Jimmy Petry (Bookworm) now age 47. To Stuart Shuldman; your description of Howard Beach had me do a mental rewind back to the Twilight Zone of Night Time Movie Drive ins and the dancing hot dogs LOL. It moved enough to register and join. It would be a gift to reconnect with those whom I share that special place in time buried in our mind and hearts. Truly Jimmy Petry, a/k/a Bookworm I'm on Facebook and Myspace. I'm retired from IBM and Living along Gulf of Mexico enjoying the Turquoise waters and Sugar white beaches in Pensacola, Florida.

HomeHomeResidentsResidentsLost FriendsLost FriendsReaching OutReaching Out

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