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New Post
7/29/2000 12:08 AM
Anyone remember Miss Anne Levin from P.S. 146? Miss Papp? Mr. VonBargen, Max Vogel, Mrs. O'Reilly, Mrs. Fannon, Mr. Lehman, Mr. Barrish? Those were the days!
New Post
7/30/2000 4:36 PM
I didn't go to 146 but to OLG....however I remember Mr. Lehman from the after school center. He was nice...I also seem to remember another male teacher there...a big man? Name is not remembered. They use to have a record player set up against the wall facing 99th St. Everyone used to dance...Neat.... Annette (Gunnels) Garkowski
New Post
7/30/2000 8:57 PM
I remember all those teachers at 146 except Mr. Vonbargen........Mr. Lehman and Mr. Vogel took care of science and math in 7th and 8th grades and Mrs. O'Reilly (with all her white hair) and Mrs. Fannon took care of 8th grade. I was always on Mr. Barrish's good list, so I liked him and Ms. Levin was just a great teacher and very nice person. Do you remember Mrs. Warmund who taught Penmanship?...she was a trip! I graduated 146 in 1957 and at that time, it was a great school with lots of fond memories. I hope it still is! Was Mrs. Papp home eco teacher?Someone of the teachers helped me make my graduation dress and then I won the "sewing award".....I think it was Mrs. Papp.
New Post
10/22/2000 7:13 PM
Yes Gerry, I do remember Miss Papp. I had her for home economics also. Did they still have those two burners on the counter top when you were there? They also had some regular stoves. She taught us how to make red apple sauce in a double boiler, not with cinnamon like you see it today but just from the coloring from the apple skin. We made a lot of Spanish rice in her class also. I never made my graduation dress because I was not in that school at the time of graduation but I know lots of girls did. I remember all the teachers who are mentioned here and it brings back good memories. Does anyone remember Gertrude Bitroff? Marilyn Krauss? Helen Platt? Ellen Canard? Alice Marcel? John Santulli? Chuckie De Charo? Carmine Maritato? Patrick Maritato? Aleta Zecchini? Darlene Zecchini? Anne Traynor? Brian Traynor? Donny Kellen?
New Post
11/6/2000 9:04 PM
Hello Everyone: Yes, I do remember all these names, my husband also remembers. I'm Paula Blackstone and he's Dan Beutner. We did have some very good times there. Still remember the teacher and some of the names that was mentioned. We lived on 163rd Road in Hamilton Beach.
HomeHomeResidentsResidentsLost FriendsLost FriendsP.S. 146 Anne LevinP.S. 146 Anne Levin

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