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New Post
4/23/2007 11:11 AM
It seems someone has copied the email addresses from howardbeach.com. See below (Everyone on HB.com -this is a scam! do not respond to them) Just wanted to give a heads up. From Miss Love Dikko. Please i want you to reply me through this my private email (love_dikko01@yahoo.co.jp ) for security reasons. Dear, First I must solicit for your confidence and approval considering the fact that we don't know each other before. My name is Love Dikko, I am the only Daughter of late Chief D Dikko, who was a politician and hail from Gagnoa Village of Cote d'Ivoire, my parents was attacked by the R D R rebel on their way to Daloa village in Cote d'Ivoire and sustained injuries and died three day later. Before his death, he revealed to me that he deposited with a prime Bank in Cote D'Ivoire the sum of Ten Million Five hundred Thousand Dollars (USD$10.5M). I am writing to inform you of my desire to invest, and continue my Education in your country.Presently I am staying in Abidjan till my inheritance has been transferred to any foreign account which I as the next of kin shall provide. Therefore I want you to help me transfer and invest this money in your country, because my father told me that it is dangerous to invest in Africa due to the market instabilities coupled with economic and political situation in Africa. I urge you to make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on my behalf in your country. I have agreed that 20% of the total amount will be for your effort and another 10% to cover all the expenses that may incure during the business transaction, Last, I urge you to keep this transaction strictly confidential as no one knows my where about. Please as you show your willingness, send me your full name, home address , Tel/Fax number and a copy of your picture or passport to build a mutal relationship between us. Thanks. Love Dikko, You have received this message from: love2007, you can reply to: lovedikko39@yahoo.com
New Post
4/23/2007 11:16 AM
It seems the last member to join the forum is the scam artist Love2007 located on the Ivory Coast. Name is listed as female, but with most of these scams this info is false. Beware!!!
HomeHomeWebsiteWebsiteHoward Beach We...Howard Beach We...internet scaminternet scam

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