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New Post
11/20/2000 1:52 PM
Dear Webmaster, It is not proper email protocol to include ANYONE's PASSWORD as part of email text. That is an internet security violation, and I would like you to remove my name, address, and any other information including passwords, from your database immediately. (Username sent by Email) Thank You
New Post
11/20/2000 2:00 PM
Your account has been deleted!!!
New Post
11/20/2000 7:41 PM
Thank you for your quick response in removing me from your database. I am, however, concerned that the inclusion of someone's name and password within the context of email is standard procedure at your office. That is very dangerous and you folks should discontinue that practice.
New Post
11/20/2000 7:50 PM
In my spare time for the past 2 years I developed the entire website for the Howard Beach Community for FREE! Although it's not standard practice in my profession as a Web Developer, I implemented the Forum and Classified sections without much security concern. Please understand that it would have taken me much more time to do it correctly and the applications do not require that much security. Most applications like Discussion Forums throughout the internet work this way.
New Post
11/21/2000 12:15 PM
Thanks for your courteous response and concern. Let me first qualify myself: I am over 50, have an engineering degree in electronics, and have been involved with computer systems (not just PCs) since the 1960s. I presently instruct computer application courses at a local college. Having said that, I will make the factual statement: Email is not private. Many of us register at numerous websites requiring passwords. To eliminate the agravation of trying to recall a unique password for each site, many people tend to use the same convenient password. Keep in mind that registered passwords are NOT passed to the site via email - they are sent encrypted. No professional web business will EVER state or verify a registered password within email. As far as your site is concerned, passwords should ONLY be passed via an encrypted link. As I saw they were stated within email, I hastily requested that you remove my identity from your database. And I would recommend that you never include anyone else's personal info within email. Your site may not provide access to the "crown jewels" if someone obtained another's password, but it may provide just enough info to access personal records at OTHER sites.
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