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6/13/2007 4:02 PM
When I was growing up in HB in the 1960's, the thing I used to enjoy most was walking down Cross Bay Blvd. Starting from 156th Avenue, I'd pop into Meats-n-Treats and buy a genoa salami sandwich on semolina bread (with mustard and provolone) and walk down the Boulevard. A quick peek into the window of Sans Egal Beauty parlor to see whose mom was getting the hair done,and then a first stop into the Candy Store next to Sugar Bun Bakery in order to view the latest 10 cent and 12 cent Marvel Comics, or buy a pack of Topps Baseball cards, saving the pink stick of bubblegum for later), then a quick stop at Sugar Bun for a cookie. Pass, in quick sucession, the Dry Cleaners (and that funny smell of cleaning chemicals), past the Liquor store owned by my friends Dad, and a quick pop into Glicks Kosher Deli. Skip past the parking lot of the old Waldbaums and stop into Waldbaums to say hello to friends who had summer jobs working as cashiers and baggers. Cross over 157th Avenue, and wave hello to Joe at the Sunoco Gas Station, stop into Home Federal Savings Bank to deposit $1.00 into my savings account, and then stop in fron of the window of Duvals Bakery to look at the"black--and-white" cookies and other assorted pastries. I'd then drop off a prescription for my mom at Bay Chemist Drug store. The A&P was, to me anyway, a different kind of Grocery store with an ancient conveyor belt that brought up boxes of groceries from below the surface. Who was Ann Page anyway? Did she know Julia Waldbaum? Before there was a Ragtime, that corner was occupied by a Texaco Gas Station. Strauss Store seems to have occupied the opposite corner on 158th Avenue for eternity.... Edited by - Ray A. on June 13 2007 2:07:34 PM
HomeHomeCross BayCross BayCross Bay Nosta...Cross Bay Nosta...Strolling down the Boulevard......Strolling down the Boulevard......

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