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New Post
3/12/2008 9:38 AM

Who remembers the old candy store that was next to Sugar Bun Bakery?  It never, in my memory had the kind of identity that "Joe's" candy store had one block further down on Cross Bay Blvd.  I remember spending soo much time in the candy store next to Sugar Bun, looking at comic books, arguing with friends over the subtle differences between the Pensy Pinkies and Spauldings rubber balls, buying chewing gum, trading baseball cards, and buying those older paper kites for 15 cents.

I vaguely remember the faces of the owners, but not much else.  Didn't a mother and daughter run the candy store at some point?  Did the Candy Store have an official or unofficial name like Joe's??

And speaking of Joe's......who was he?  What ever happened to him?  These two candy stores and ddozens others through Queens have long been gone and have been supplanted with 7-elevens around the country.  Ugh!!! they are a poor replacement for the old-fashioned candy store.

Remember running for your parents down to the candy store to buy the first evening copy of the Daily News called the "Night Owl"?



New Post
8/26/2008 7:27 PM

Yeah I remeber Joes for also the Pizza shop just across the street from Adams I can smell the crispy pizza cooking on the ovens. We used to stay there to wait for the bus to take us home on the 41. south.. to lindenwood... and then to howard beach...


What year did you grad or also and the White Castle...the cliffs... i went to school with many friends where are they all now?
does victoria gotti still live on 163rd st? or did she sell... after her husband died.

they were a nice family... and the reynolds... did they leave too? the maggios... I know that the Casalinos still live on 91st street.


wonder if joey ever got married??


New Post
9/3/2008 2:48 PM


The Pizza place was New Park Pizza at the corner of 157th and Cross Bay.  Joe's candy store was at 159th and Cross Bay and a feww doors down was Gino's Pizza.  I see from previous posts that you graduated from John adams in 1971.  I graduated in 1973 and also went to PS 63, PS 202- Goddard, and then Adams.  I had Mrs. Kawalski in 4th grade at PS 63.  She was one wacko teacher with the heavy make-up and changing her clothes in the closets.  I remember whne Mrs. English (the principal) came in to tell the class that President kennedy had been shot and we were to go home.  Mrs. Kawalski started crying right in front of us uncontrollably.  I also remember she was a good shot with the blackboard erasers and could hit you from the blackboard to the back of the room if she heard you talking.  After 4th grade we left PS 63 and I did 5th and 6th grade in Howard Beach at the new elementary school.

There are a few stores that are still in the same location along Cross Bay Blvd, as when we grew up, like the Sugar Bun Bakery, New Park Pizza, and Carvel, but sadly The Big Bow Wow, Pizza City, King Georges Coffee Shop and the House of Wong are long gone.  I believe Sans Egal Beauty Salon is still there.

write back!



New Post
9/14/2008 5:02 PM

The candy store next to Sugar Bun was owned by a Greek family. I believe their names were Paul and Tessa.

They had 2 daughters Tula and Fran. I dont' remeber if the candy store was called Bartons or that was the candy they sold.


New Post
9/15/2008 8:54 AM

You are absolutely correct!!  I remember them now.  The daughters linda of took over running the store as mom and dad stepped away.  Barton's was the candy brand they sold.  I am not sure if the actual candy store ever had a formal name.

The store was always a treasure trove of items, from 15 cent paper kites, to Spaulding balls, to 12 cent comic books, to penny candy and 5 cent packs of Topps baseball cards.  It, along with Sugar Bun was a fixture on the Blvd.

Thanks for remembering

New Post
9/15/2008 7:09 PM

Could the name have been Lofts? Or was that another brand of Candy? The names Barton and Loft stick out in my  mind.

I spent a lot of time in there.  My father owned Pin and Pan way back when. It was more fun in the candy store than his store.

I see you graduated Adams in 73. So did I.  I went PS 207,JHS 202, then Adams.



New Post
9/16/2008 9:44 AM

Again you are correct......Loft's was another "boxed" candy they sold, but it may have been the name of the Candy Store too.........

Yes, I graduated Adams in 1973, and followed the same exact path of schools you did.  That would mean you too did grades k-4 in PS 63 in Ozone Park, and then transferred to the new PS 207 for 5th and 6th Grades.  We could have even been in the same classes.  I had Mrs Ferraro in 6th Grade and Mr. Merle in 5th grade at PS 207.

Perhaps we know each other?   Where was Pin and Pan?


New Post
9/16/2008 8:45 PM

Pin and Pan was on Cross Bay Blvd. It was right next door to Glicks and I believe Panzarella Real Estate was on the other side.

I went to PS146 from Kindergarten through 4th grade.

We were in the same classin 6th grade. I had Mrs Ferraro as well. In 5th grade, I had Miss Guttsman.

In 202, I had French in 7th and 8th grade. I think I was in 7-4 and 8-2 or 8-4.

I can remember some of my teachers in Adams. I remember my home room teacher in my senior year. Can't remember her name but,

she referred to all of us as bonehead clucks. For some reason, that always stuck in my mind...lol


New Post
9/17/2008 1:56 PM

Okay,,,,,Glick's Kosher Deli I remember well.  I thought the liquor store was next to Glick's?  or am I forgetting something in between?  Yes Panzarella was on the other side of Glicks before you hit Waldbaums.  Next to the liquor store was the old Dry Cleaners.

If you were in Mrs. Ferraro's class then you must remember the musical play we worked on for so long that year.  Johnny Appleseed.  I remember all the rehearsals and Mrs. Ferraro playing the piano.  Ralph Mundo was Johnny, Robert Foreman the Father, was Kathleen Robinson the angel or the mother?  and Somebody named Steve (blond hair) played Grey Wolf.  I can't believe I still remember of of this!  Ralph auditioned better than I did for the part of Johnny Appleseed.  I wound up in the chorus.

Now I am curious......who are you?  At Goddard I was in class 7-10 and 8-10. I took Spanish, not French and had Mr. Mattina.....(aka Uncle Charlie).  I remember Mrs Guttsman at 207.  Do you remember our principal, Mrs. English?  She came over from PS 63.

Regarding Adams teachers...I remember a bunch of them......

New Post
9/17/2008 4:13 PM

I don't remember the play at all. Wow... I can't believe you remembered all that. 

I remember Mrs. English.

In HS, did you ever have an English teacher named Mr. Palmer? I remember he used to ride his motorcycle to work. He didn't care if anyone cheated on his tests. He had me hand mine to the kid next to me, so he could copy my answers. If he was absent, we could be also.



New Post
9/17/2008 4:57 PM

I had Mr Fraser for English, although I remember Mr Palmer.  Never knew that about him.........

I used to earn lots of service credits by doing "Programming" with Mr. Spagnolo before each school year started.  Programming was when the volunteers would work with the Programming staff to set up the upcoming years classes and teachers.  It was always fun because you could help get your friends into the same classes you were scheduled to take.  This was before computers.  I remember Jeffrey Krupan who was a whiz at this at could remember numbers and names better than anyone.

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