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6/4/2007 9:42 AM
Dors anyone remember Sr. Cornelia? She was already old when I was in first grade but she was full of life! She was kind of a tiny one. In the morning, she would check to see if the girls had their handkerchiefs pinned to their dresses and if the boys shoes were shined. In those days we didn't wear uniforms. It was a wonderful time! We used to play house in her class, in the little green building, haha. We had to bring in empty boxes of things like tea and cereal, stuff like that. They had shelves in that room and we would place the emptry boxes on those shelves and that would provide a play supermarket for us to use. We would form families and then shop together and bring the groceries home together. It taught us skills of running a family. I also remember playing "the farmer in the dell" in that green building. I think that was in 1B. In 1A, I had Sr. Elizabeth. What a great childhood I had there! Kindergarten for me was with Sr. Germain, then Sr. Stanislaus. We used to make paper chains for all occasions. The Torres girls were in my class in kindergarten, Rose and Ann. I didn't attend OLG for too long, we moved to Ozone Park and then I went to Nativity BVM. I remember a Sr. Francis there. The first day of school, I was crying because I missed my friends at OLG and she told me not to cry, we had to pay tax on water. Nativity was a scary school for me at the time. Mother Binignus was the principal then. She was a tough one. I remember saying the Angelus (sp) before lunch in OLG and I also remember lining up at Nativity in the shcool yard after lunch and praying before going back into class. I remember how wonderful it was to be chosen to carry the Cross on the Rosary as the sister went up the stairs so that it wouldn't hit the floor as she walked. Times were so much better then. I remember having to place our index finger on our lips while waiting online outside the bathroom door to be next to go in. Ha ha. That was to remind us not to talk. Can you imagine doing that with children nowadays? What a joke that would be! No respect now. I guess I went on and on enough so I'll stop now. Hope there was someone who enjoyed what I had to say.
New Post
6/4/2007 8:56 PM
Yes Lovely I did enjoy that. I remember all those nuns and many more. I graduated OLG in 1947. Lived here all my life. I had Sr. Cornelius in the 4th grade and remember when she got mad she used to bite her finger. Do you remember that? Yes it was the good old times!!!
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12/20/2007 10:59 AM
I. graduated in 1949 from OLG. Years later on Long Island I found the Mother house for the Nuns in Blue Point. I found Sr. Philomina and my wife and I went to two Parties they ran. One was her 50th anniversary as a nun. I also graduated from Adams in 1953.
HomeHomeCross BayCross BayCross Bay Nosta...Cross Bay Nosta...OLG & Nativity BVM in the old daysOLG & Nativity BVM in the old days

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