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11/29/2004 3:40 PM
I worked for Hayes car service, then howard car service too. Also was a member of the west hamilton beach FD. Does anyone remember the trampolines on Cross Bay? They were at ground level and had pits under them. (Got my head caught in the springs once trying to do a flip!) I remember the old wooden bridges from cross bay to Howard, and from Howard to Hamilton. Does anyone remember someone having an old PT boat on the canal between Crossbay and Old Howard beach?
New Post
3/23/2005 8:10 PM
I do remember car service and Bouncetown on Crossbay. I miss HB a lot but of course I miss what it used to be. Wonderful that we can come in here and talk about it!
New Post
4/2/2005 1:18 AM
I remember that big old green PT boat. It was anchored at the end of shellbank basin. It was there for as long as I can remember. I don't think I ever saw it go out. Later. there was another one near there...it was white, and was used as a fishing boat. There were a few party boats there to that I remember, The Roamer, and the Ro-Ma-Fran...man...that was a LONG time ago...
HomeHomeCross BayCross BayCross Bay Nosta...Cross Bay Nosta...good ol daysgood ol days

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