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2/4/2010 12:00 PM

 Cross Bay Boulevard is the site of an annual Labor Day parade in the neighborhood of Broad Channel. A 1998 float titled "Black to the Future: 2098", featuring a group of men dressed in blackface, ate fried chicken and watermelon and re-enacted the dragging killing of James Byrd, Jr. that had occurred just months before in Texas. Many of the 3,000 mostly-white residents of the area that had lined the street were said to have howled in approval of the float. Then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani oversaw the suspension of New York City police officers and firefighters who had participated in the float. The three suspended officers were reinstated in 2003 on First Amendment grounds.

In my opinion this wasn't just one of the most disgusting displays of blatant racism and idiocy, but also the greatest source of embarrasment to the entire Irish/Italian community. How nostalgic.

New Post
2/5/2010 7:55 AM

You do understand that Broad Channel and Howard Beach are two totally different entities and are not hoping that since most people are not from HB they will be misled into thinking that this parade took place in Howard Beach, Al Sharpton has made criticism of HB a major part of his litany of distribes, I heard him do so when he was at a rally in Texas, is this an attempt to feed into his constant screeds against those who don't kowtow to his nonsense, you want disgusting examples of racism and idiocy, go read some of the tripe Fat Al has insulted people's intelligence with.

HomeHomeCross BayCross BayCross Bay Nosta...Cross Bay Nosta...The ParadesThe Parades

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