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9/12/2007 7:18 PM
“THIS THING OF OURS” What happened to trust? Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength character, or truth of someone or something. Is that the definition of “Trust”? To contemplate the definition even more, do you think trust evolves in various forms on a daily basis that creates our minds to mistrust? Why is “trust” so important in life? Was trust more solid in the past centuries than it is now? Liberation, which may have to be hidden from family or friends because breaking the social norm, is also breaking someone’s heart.Italian Immigrants came to America in the 19th century to escape poverty. They consisted of mostly unskilled laborers and peasants.In addition, in 1870 and 1900 the production of foods was scarce in Italy. The landlords had control of the land; they charged high rents and paid low wages. Therefore, malnutrition spread throughout Italy.Mass migration to America by the Italian Immigrants began as early as 1872. However, substantial immigration was between the years 1884 and 1920 when approximately 7 million immigrants departed from Southern Italy and landed in New York City.America opened labor jobs for the people who came from Italy to America because of ill fated economic reasons. Italians worked hard building up New York to make it what it is today. The Italians are noted for their hard work and pride which would not let them accept public aid. Being culturally connected the Italians wholeheartedly wanted to help their own people economically survive in America, as all cultures did and still do. Therefore, they were quick to form clubs and fraternal organizations to give financial and job assistance to their members. In addition, they shared their culture, language and food. In addition, this leads to the creation of the “Sons of Italy”, a non-profit organization which was a conglomerate of various Italian organizations. The “Sons of Italy’s” focus was to raise funds to educate their children. However, this made the Italian people living in America a close nit family. At this point, Italian Immigrants created life as innate businessmen to help the other Italian immigrants economically survive. Remember, the Italian immigrants who were financially surviving in America understood the poverty stricken world of Italy through their own experiences. The Italians had to survive in America and take care of their own. They became involved in bootlegging liquor to insure the financial situation for their families and culture. In addition, thy created something called “La Costra Nostra”, “This Thing of Ours.”What was “La Costra Nostra” built on? It was built on trust, brotherly trust to insure the prosperity of friends and family.The Italians in America built what they could to survive, however we see the Italians exploited in talk, the media and by various cultures, as all cultures do. But what happened at 9/11 when the terrorists bombed the Twin Towers. We were all New Yorkers, we were all Americans. Then the melting pot became a solid foundation, do we forget? Why was “The Trust” between the Italians so solid? What happened today? “Trust”, an enormous issue in the New Millennium. Lets begin with a Kindergartener telling a friend not to tell a secrete to a business owner having to spend many hours at his business, away from his or her family, because there is no “Trust” in a manager running the business. Faith, love and marriage? Does he divorce rate escalate every year because of “trust”? What happened to Sunday dinners with the family you can trust? Where is the chat over homemade coffee with the friends you can trust? What happened to the wine at dinner? What happened to the card playing and chatting to release your inside self to the ones you can trust? Has psychotherapy boomed because trust has been flushed out of the English language? Do we now have to reveal all our secretes to a stranger with a PhD in psychology and pay them $100.00 an hour because we can not open
New Post
9/22/2007 9:30 AM
On Thurs. a letter in the Forum said this guy in Ramblersville claiming racism is a criminal. Why is it when a criminal has a fight in HB the race card always gets played? Best defense is a good offense maybe? Maybe it is more about the lousy policing we get which is probably why the cops just call it bias so no one looks too close at them for not taking care of this area like they do other areas. The only time we see cops is when there is a race incident, it's the fourth of July, or they're on the Blvd. to eat.
New Post
9/28/2007 7:52 AM
i am sorry to hear about that pregnant woman attacked by several black girls -- but this reverse has been around a long time. I lived in HB all my and in the 80s before the Al Sharpton rally (due to the death of that black fellow) a close family member, a white guy, was shot point blank by a black man in HB, and several other white neighbors had driveway/push-in armed robberies committed against them in HB by blacks. Unfortunately reverse racism doesn't sell newspapers or gather media attention. And hey, I AM not a racist, even dated and have black people as friends -- but lets get the facts straight - the media reports don't mean anything they are caught up in ratings and white against black hate crimes have no history in the media.
New Post
8/26/2008 7:35 PM

There has been always racism when it comes to Italiano's and because we all feel that our group is the better group, I feel that this has been

going on for some time not long ago, this happened to when my little sister aka friend was murdered down by gernsie farm. and shoved

like a piece of cold meat on a hook, they shuved her away. did she deserve this no. because she was napoloitano. i feel that this still goes on teoday and it may not be right but we need to all stick together and make it our town we founded it first. no one else. and although i do not live there anymore

we need to tell everyone if you want to fight go someplace else. we need this community this is our homeland. we came here as peasants to find a

dream and it was my parents who then opened up the italian bakery under the EL on Liberty Avenue and then took it to brooklyn becuase of what they did

to my friend my mother got scared took our livilyhood out of the area.

Thats nice? No

New Post
11/27/2009 8:40 AM

Noticed a story on YAHOO's front page today that Dearborn Muslims fear a backlash after the Fort Hood massacre and then saw an item on the HB web site front page that Fat Al held another 'vigil' for Sean Bell, amazing that none of his brandstanding spectacles make front page news and the venomous accusations that he and his followers regularly hurl against police officers et al are never labeled as backlashes.

New Post
5/24/2010 12:01 AM

If you feel racism still exists, don't look in Howard Beach.  Go to  Harlem, Jamaica, Bushwick, Corona, East New York, the Bronx, or any other place non-Whites dominate.   Every other word out of their mouths is "honky", "White boy", "Rape that White girl", etc.   White racism no longer exists, it hasn't for years.  The only racism alive in this country is Black racism.

New Post
7/22/2010 8:05 AM

There was an excellent article by Larry Elder today in which he addresses the issue of how marginal organizations such as the NAACP attempt to keep the issue of racism alive for the own benefit, in it he had a quote - "In 1911, Booker T. Washington said: "There is (a) class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays." 

I immediately thought of Al Sharpton's ongoing campaign against Howard Beach.

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