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2/26/2009 5:27 PM

Hello everyone...

Im new to HB online - but lived in Howard Beach from 1983-1992 - My parent's still live on 163 avenue. I have a small request ( My mom believes you can't ask people for favors if you don't know them.. but I'm asking for my Dad)... My dad, Sal Anselona is a retired FDNY firefighter from the 142 in Ozone Park. I nominated him with an essay as the Lenox Tools Extra Mile Hero and he is now one of the ten finalists. The grand finalist will be selected by # of online votes.. if any of you have any time, would you mind reading his story at http://www.lenoxhero.com/voting.aspx (Sal Anselona - first at the top) and if you feel like it.. maybe casting a vote for him? It's very simple.. you just click vote, enter your email and confirm when you receive an email back. I would so appreciate it.. and LOVE to see a win for this LONG TIME HB resident!

Thanks so much


HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsGeneralGeneralIm New HereIm New Here

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